Agriculture Solar PV Panel Grants

Avail of TAMs grants of up to 40%, or 60% for young farmers.

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TAMS Support

If eligible, the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) provides a 40% grant on a solar PV investment, while young qualified farmers can get up to 60% in grant aid. PV installers need to be on the SEAI register of installers or the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) approved list. Home and Agri Energy are an SEAI registered Solar Installer.

TAMS support is now available to support up to 11kW solar PV on dairy, beef, tillage and sheep farms. This complements the 40% support already available to the pig and poultry sector through the Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme 40%, which is not limited to 11kW.

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Financial Returns

Once you have bought your solar PV panels, the maintenance and operating costs are small. The panels and inverters will require cleaning approximately every 10 years. Panel output should be expected to fall at a rate of 1% per year. The financial return is mainly tied up with the value and amount of energy generated.

If, as in most cases, your solar PV panels operate in parallel with your mains supply, they help to displace the energy you would normally have bought from the grid. For example, if your electricity need at a particular time is 20kW and your PV system was producing 5kW, your net import from the grid would be 15kW. Each unit of electricity you displace from your imported requirement effectively saves you on the imported price of that unit. If you buy your energy at 18 cents (c) per kWh and you displace 10,000kWh you save €1,800.


Common Questions About Solar PV Grants

How will I know if I am eligible for a grant?

For a TAMS grant you will have to have a least €5,000-€20,000 left in your tams to avail of the 40-60% grant. Also for a 8-9kw system you would need to be using over 8000 units of electricity. If your house is on the same electricity supply you would need to be using over 12,000 units of electricity.

Can you help me with the grant process?

Yes. We are happy to help you with the grant process to ensure that you have the best possible chance of meeting the criteria.

What if my application is denied?

We will wait until you get a letter of approval before starting any works, and therefore if your application is denied, you will not be charged anything.

How long does the grant process take?

An approval letter of commencement for a TAMS grant for farmers can take 3-6 months. We ensure all grant paperworks is completed and uploaded within the first few days after installation so you receive your grant payment as quickly as possible.

A Customer's Grant Experience ...

John and Billy did a fantastic job from start to finish very easy to deal with and really top class workmanship would have no problem recommending them top class

John White - Google Reviews

Highly recommend John, Billy and the lads. A superb job done to a high standard.

Fiona Cotter - Google Reviews

“Billy & John have been professional throughout. We shopped around and they offered the products we wanted, worked with our budget, listened to our requirements and provided a solution that works. After care service perfect answering those questions you need in the early days of having a new system in your home.”

Sarah McCarthy - Google

Highly Recommended. Neat job and totally professional. Will be recommending to friends and family.

Solar fitted in Clonee Dublin 15

Mark O'Brien- Google Reviews

Home & Agri Energy installed our Solar Panels & Battery in October. From start to finish they were professional and met expectations. They were one of the few companies who surveyed our property in person before asking for a deposit and confirmed exactly what we could get. They are also local - which is a great relief (in case we ever need to get them out).
They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions :-). They are also great for ongoing support and are quick to respond to any issues we have!
Highly recommend :-)

Nici Le Gear - Google Reviews

I would have no hesitation recommending John and Billy.  Great job, thanks lads.  No request too big or small.

Avril Hoffler- Google Reviews

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